David Philips

Vocal Coach

About me

I have been a professional musician for over 30 years but started out as an instrumentalist. I started singing professionally in the early 2000's however in 2016 I was diagnosed with laryngeal nerve damage which meant my voice was severely impaired. Determined not to give in I sought answers and this thrust me in to the wonderful world of voice science and vocal coaching.

Not only did I get my voice back but it's better today than ever and my passion is now helping others with their voices.

I believe that if I can get my voice working again, I can help you with yours.

  • Trained in Estill Voice Training and Vocal Acoustics

  • Singing teacher at BBFace Voice Academy in St. Cugat, Barcelona

  • 30 year career performing and writing

  • BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Arts

  • Signed artist with 7 solo albums released and 200+ published songs

  • Music for Netflix, Apple TV, MTV, History Channel, Red Bull and more

  • Bi-Lingual - English and Spanish

  • ​Find out more about my music HERE

About the classes

Whether you are just starting out or a professional vocalist looking to improve technique and vocal health, no matter your age or experience, we can work together to get the best out of your voice and keep it healthy and functional.

All sessions are highly personalised, depending on your level, experience and specific vocal needs. Everyone has a unique voice and this is the foundation of my lessons.

I use a wide range of teaching techniques and methods learned from my time studying Estill Voice Training, Vocal Acoustics, Berton Coffin Method and Speech Level Singing.

ALL CLASSES ONLINE (Worldwide) OR IN PERSON (Barcelona, Spain)

Email me at davidphilipsmail@gmail.com to book a lesson or for more details.

English pronunciation for singers

Is English not your first language?

Do you sing Musical Theatre or modern music in English?

Do you want to work internationally?

​These classes are designed to :





​Exercises designed specifically for your voice

Utilising the latest in voice analysis software

Exclusively for singers - SPEAKING and SINGING are not the same.

What clients say

"Dave taught me to sing with power without shouting, understand the registers of my voice and how to enjoy it without hurting it. His friendly, persistent and efficient approach has helped me to understand the wonder of the human voice." - Oriol (ES)

​“I really enjoyed studying with Dave, each session was extremely productive and his approach to singing has made a huge difference to my singing. I feel like I leave each class with more control and I am able to connect more freely with my voice. Highly recommended!!” - Paul (NZ)

​"My daughter absolutely loves her singing lessons with Dave and always leaves super happy and energised. Dave focuses on making the lessons fun and has truly embraced my daughter's lively personality and music requests. My little girl's confidence and love of singing and music grows everyday!" - Ellie (UK)

​"I 100% recommend classes with Dave. He is a great professional and very approachable. He is very patient and dedicated to getting the best out of you. His classes are pleasant and motivational. He knows how to transmit his passion for music and his knowledge meaning that you progress every day. I'm very happy to have him as a teacher." - Mercè (ES)

​"David Philips joins 3 aspects of voice teaching that make him a top quality teacher. A high level of knowledge working with Estill Voice Training, practical experience applying the technique and a specialist in English pronunciation for singers (something that isn't easy to find in the this country.) All this combined with total empathy for the student and a great knowledge of musical styles. What more can you ask for?" - Adrian (ES)



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