David Philips continues with his D.I.Y. approach for this his 7th album to date and his 6th on Black And Tan Records. Infusing Blues, Soul and Americana, he plays all the instruments on the record and also produced and recorded the album himself, as well as providing the hand drawn artwork. "Get Along" has a more upbeat and positive slant in terms of the songwriting compared to previous releases and although a full band sound is featured on most tracks, Philips still manages to keep things raw, organic and centered around his voice and acoustic guitar playing. With 8 new songs, 2 reworkings of old Philips classics and 3 acoustic demo bonus tracks, "Get Along" is the culmination of a lifetime of music making and music appreciation, showing how Philips continues to mature as both a performer, songwriter and producer.

Something Else Reviews (US) "...DIY isn’t for everybody, only for those who can do it all and do it all right. Philips is clearly that guy, and now we know that even when he does something by himself two different ways, both ways are the ‘right’ way."


BluesMagazine (NL): "David Philips makes it clear again with this album that he is a very versatile and talented musician. The production, mix and mastering are beautiful and clear, his lyrics full of feeling and tempered emotion and last-but-not-least his art work is impressive. A musical recommendation for this summer!"

Indie Voice Blog: "Make a wise investment and Get this one today!"

Gary Wolfson / Red Rooster Lounge (USA): "I can’t tell you how much I love David’s work."

BeehiveCandy (USA): "From the brand new 'Get Along' album I have chosen the track 'Friends Like You' to feature. It is a splendid acoustic piece with David Philips rich and engaging vocals accompanied by a refined musical arrangement, what's more it typifies the quality and addictive nature of the album."

Salty Dog (Australia): "Fabulous blues, roots and folk out of the UK."



November 2016 to March 2017 David Philips locked himself in his studio and spent the winter months writing and recording new material. Harking back to the full band sound of his debut album, but this time with a grittier sound centred mainly around the electric guitar and his new found love of the drum kit. Very much the studio loner David wrote, recorded and produced the whole record himself, playing all instruments and also designing the artwork. David says of the writing process : “With these songs I was experimenting with a new way of writing, something much more spontaneous, organic and immediate, trying my best to keep the inner critic at bay for as long as possible. I was able to centre the songs around what I hope are strong hooks and allowing myself to write with the electric guitar rather than the acoustic gave the songs a different energy.” Stylistically sitting somewhere between Ryan Adams and Doyle Bramhall II, yet as ever with his own instantly recognisable sound, Philips mixes pop, blues, rock and a touch of soul on this compact and to the point collection of 8 new songs entitled simply “Winter.”

Something Else Reviews (US) "When surveying his history and discography it’s quite clear that David Philips is diversely talented enough to make whatever the hell kind of music he wants to make without any outside help, and make it well."


BluesMagazine (NL): A truly beautiful versatile album from a masterful musician.

Beehive Candy (USA): Stylistically sitting somewhere between Ryan Adams and Doyle Bramhall II, yet as ever with his own instantly recognisable sound, Philips mixes pop, blues, rock and a touch of soul.

Blues In The South (UK): "..It is still a solo effort, but the guitar is electric, blues harmonica crops up occasionally and there is a rhythm section behind David’s excellent vocals."



In late May 2016 David Philips returned to his Barcelona rooftop apartment to record the Rooftop Recordings 2. Like the first “Rooftop” record from 2011 (his debut for Dutch label Black and Tan Records) David strips it right back to the bare essentials : guitar and voice captured with just 2 microphones and all doors and windows wide open. The Cigar Box Guitar and Resonator guitar make appearances too, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. The result is a record that concentrates on the important aspects of Philips’ music, those being the songs and stories, soul tinged vocals and highly accomplished guitar playing. As with all of David Philips’ records, the D.I.Y. approach is very present in that he recorded, mixed and mastered it himself. The whole package gives a true fly on the wall experience as if you were in the room yourself as Philips sits performing new songs for the local bird life and a few unwitting neighbours. The record has 12 songs and 6 instrumentals at the end, almost like a mini E.P. To finish off the record. These are pieces that Philips improvised on the spot while testing mics or warming up fingers before takes.  Philips is also a talented painter/draughtsman and the CD artwork is made up of a selection of his own watercolour paintings of birds that visit the Barcelona rooftops regularly. This special artwork version is limited to 1000 numbered copies.

#14 Euro Americana Chart - Nov 2016


BluesDoodles (UK): "The Rooftop Recordings 2 is a must for lovers of acoustic simplicity, the power of lyrics, blues and soul to add to the collection of chill out tunes."

Johnny's Garden (NL) : "David Philips once again proves to be a master at bringing to life a true spectrum of musical influences."

Da Music (Belgium) "..a very warm and life-affirming roots plate, reminiscent of artists like Jack Johnson."

Music Meter (NL) : "Despite the long running time and austere interpretation he knows how to hold the attention."

Soul Guru (Germany) : " ..soulful vocals and excellent guitar playing."

Roots Highway (Italy) : " David Philips is a great artist that we always like to.."




Folk, rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia all converge on David Philips' 4th album “If I Had Wings.”

“This is the album I always wanted to make but never dared to” says Philips who wrote, recorded and produced the record himself. Sticking to his favoured “D.I.Y.” approach Philips also sang all vocals and played all instruments on the album, except for drums and saxophone on the record's epic, 12 minute psych-folk freak out “Venomous Soul.” He also did the artwork for the release using paintings, drawings and sketches made whilst on tour and at home throughout 2014.

Philips' soulful vocals and highly accomplished guitar playing are the backbone of what is his most adventurous recording to date. “If I Had Wings” is the result of 18 months of writing, recording and live shows and takes us on a journey through past and present, blending folk finger picking, jazz influenced guitar solos, glitch electronica and found sounds (even a few kitchen utensils as percussion) to create a varied audio landscape. At times stripped down and rootsy and at other times expansive and dreamy, yet all tied together by Philips' carefully crafted songs and stories. 

Folk Radio UK:  "Philip’s lovely voice is caught somewhere between Jack Johnson and a fluffy white cloud and his guitar work is nothing less than sublime."


Blues Doodles (US): "..purely exquisite music, beautiful lyrics that touches emotions on so many levels... TEN doodle paws out of TEN …."


Marcel Haerkens (Holland): "Beautiful record. Philips is becoming more versatile."


SoulGuru (Germany): "A very nice album. David Philips soulful vocals and excellent guitar playing live on."


Something Else Reviews (USA): "Philips pulls the curtain back some on his vast abilities, revealing a man who’s comfortable around jazz, psychedelia …… even electronica."


Massimo Ferro / Highway 61 (Italy): "A mature and complete singer-songwriter with his own style"


Mike Penard (France): "What a pleasure...what a sound ..the arrangements are really superb."


Ronald van Oudheusden / RTV Rijnmond (NL): "A new stunner ... what amazing abilities!!"




Early Autumn 2012 I started recording demos of songs I had been writing throughout the year. The idea was to experiment with ideas, arrangements and instrumentation in preparation for a new album. I decided to use an old Tascam Portastudio 4 track Cassette Recorder. This was purely for fun and to indulge my own nostalgia as it was the very same model I used to record demos when I started playing in bands way back. It wasn't easy to get the cassettes, but I finally found a few sources on ebay that had some back stock of TDK SA90s, remember them? There was something very organic about the limitations the 4 track machine and the cassettes imposed on the recording. No easy editing, only 4 tracks to use, the sound, background hiss and tape compression, it all took me back to those days in my bedroom and my first experiments with music production.
So I set about recording, enjoying the freedom and lack of self consciousness that comes with recording demos, knowing no one else would ever hear them... or so I thought. After recording the majority of the songs I was very surprised and excited by the results. I sent the demos to Jan at Black and Tan Records to see what he thought and he instantly agreed that the recordings had something special and said he would like to release them as the album.
And so that's how this album came to be in it's finished form. A collection of new songs, started out as demos, recorded on a 4 track cassette machine made in the 80's. I hope you can find something enjoyable in these songs. Thanks for listening - David Philips

Featured on the LUISTERPAAL (listening pole) of RADIO 6 in Holland.


#22 Euro Americana Chart - Feb 2013


"..stunning new album...his best to date! We were so taken by the album that we asked David to record an acoustic session for us..." - Folk Radio UK


"...(Philips) plays a beautiful acoustic guitar with an exquisite taste... a classic in the making." - Americana UK

"Sometimes, low tech enables high quality, and it clearly does in the case of David Philips."- Something Else Reviews (US)


"David Philips is and remains one of the most interesting singer / songwriters of the moment." - New Folk Sounds (Netherlands)


"Truly Sublime."  Van Ech Blues (Netherlands)


"Nice playing. Awesome vocals!!!!!" The Blues Room radio (New Zealand)




I live in a roof top apartment at the top of a block of flats in Barcelona, Spain. High up above the scooters, bar terraces, police sirens and occasional firecrackers, but close enough to hear them in the distance. Up where the summer Swifts and House Martins screech and feed, I sit out on the roof terrace and write songs.

When it came time to record these songs, I decided to record at home. I have a few mics set up in the room that leads on to the same roof terrace where I like to write. I closed the door to achieve the lowest amount of background noise possible, tradition tells us to do this. But there was something not quite right, I was missing the very elements that inspired the music in the first place. So I went against tradition and I opened the door again. 

The result is a kind of "fly on the wall" experience, and that's the idea of this record. The songs stripped down to the bare bones, just my voice, a guitar (be it regular 6 string Acoustic, 3 string Cigar Box Guitar, 4 string Ukulele or Lap style Dobro played with a solid steel bar), a little harmonica now and then and maybe some foot stomping. No overdubs, just live, one take, in the moment kind of recording and if you listen carefully you'll hear in the background a soundscape created by the people and creatures I share my environment with, just like any other day up here on the roof.

#25 on the Euro Americana Chart for October 2011


#11 on the July / August airplay chart of the Collectif des Radio Blues; a society representing all blues radio shows in the French speaking countries.


Featured on the LUISTERPAAL (listening pole) of RADIO 6 in Holland.


"I consider this as one of the best singer-songwriter albums in its genre of the past year." - FOLKWORLD Magazine


"It could just be that British ex-pat David Philips has recorded one of this year’s best albums." - Blues In The North West (UK)


"A Chris Smither from the other side of the pond, Philips keeps it straightforward simple, making The Rooftop Recordings a simple pleasure." - Something Else Reviews (US)


"Those who appreciate fine guitar playing and intelligent songs should investigate and they will find plenty to enjoy." - Blues In Britain Magazine


"(David) has proved that his first LP was not an accident... a simple and precious treat and that’s why it’s our Album of The Week." - The Good Music Fox (US)


"Today, I’m feeling those Monday blues and this single from UK-born blues/folk artist, David Philips, is hitting the spot musically and lyrically." - Groove Loves Melody (US)


" ***** This varied album is reminiscent of debut records from top artists such as Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson and Jose Gonzalez." - (Belgium)




Debut album, self recorded and produced in 2010. 

Album of the week, BBC Radio London (Robert Elms Show)


#34 in the top 100 roots/country albums of 2011, compiled by Roots Music Report in the US.


Featured in Staff Picks section at CD Baby


"It gets the thumbs up for the quality of the song writing, musicianship and exquisite production... he's obviously on to a good thing." - Americana UK

"A really well crafted, well sung album.."  - Robert Elms, BBC Radio


"Exudes soulful Americana, like a Memphis back porch night." - Country Fried Rock (US)


"For fans of smart and honest music, Heal Yourself Alone is a beautiful album." Alt-Country Forum

"So easy to listen to, and I mean that in a GREAT way that feels "right" from first listen."  - Strangers Almanac