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New Album - December Wine (4 Track Tapes) out NOW!

Early Autumn 2012 I started recording demos of songs I had been writing throughout the year. The idea was to experiment with ideas, arrangements and instrumentation in preparation for a new album. I decided to use an old Tascam Portastudio 4 track Cassette Recorder. This was purely for fun and to indulge my own nostalgia as it was the very same model I used to record demos when I started playing in bands way back. It wasn't easy to get the cassettes, but I finally found a few sources on ebay that had some back stock of TDK SA90s, remember them? There was something very organic about the limitations the 4 track machine and the cassettes imposed on the recording. No easy editing, only 4 tracks to use, the sound, background hiss and tape compression, it all took me back to those days in my bedroom and my first experiments with music production.
So I set about recording, enjoying the freedom and lack of self consciousness that comes with recording demos, knowing no one else would ever hear them... or so I thought. After recording the majority of the songs I was very surprised and excited by the results. I sent the demos to Jan at Black and Tan Records to see what he thought and he instantly agreed that the recordings had something special and said he would like to release them as the album.
And so that's how this album came to be in it's finished form. A collection of new songs, started out as demos, recorded on a 4 track cassette machine made in the 80's. I hope you can find something enjoyable in these songs. Thanks for listening - David Philips
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Press for December Wine (4 Track Tapes)

Featured on the LUISTERPAAL (listening pole) of RADIO 6 in Holland.

#22 Euro Americana Chart - Feb 2013

"..stunning new album...his best to date! We were so taken by the album that we asked David to record an acoustic session for us..." - Folk Radio UK

"...(Philips) plays a beautiful acoustic guitar with an exquisite taste... a classic in the making." -
Americana UK

"Sometimes, low tech enables high quality, and it clearly does in the case of David Philips."
- Something Else Reviews (US)

"David Philips is and remains one of the most interesting singer / songwriters of the moment." -
New Folk Sounds (Netherlands)

"Truly Sublime." 
Van Ech Blues (Netherlands)

"Nice playing. Awesome vocals!!!!!"
The Blues Room radio (New Zealand)

Jan-Christian Nordahl - Bluestrain  (Norway)

Maxazine (Netherlands)

"The Rooftop Recordings from 2011 was a beautifull record and this is just as good
." - Johhny's Garden (Netherlands)

"As with his previous CD, David Philips has shown a true craftmanship, executed with skill and care.. a great CD that produces an undeniable feeling of well being."  -
Blues Again (France)

"No fillers or leftovers on "December Wine".. a beautigul piece that you should discover."
- Rootstime (Belgium)